Spontaneous combustion monitoring method and system


  • Inventors: HOU SIMING
  • Assignees: 侯思明
  • Publication Date: August 18, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-107065923-A


The invention relates to a spontaneous combustion monitoring method and system, and the method comprises the steps: S1, scanning dynamic parameters of an inflammable pile in real time, and detecting environmental parameters; S2, comparing the dynamic parameters of each target point with the current environmental parameters, and marking dangerous points when the dynamic parameters meet a first early warning condition; S3, planning the flight path of an unmanned plane according to the position of each dangerous point; S4, transmitting the flight path of the unmanned plane to the unmanned plane, and receiving the monitoring data, transmitted by the unmanned plane, of the inflammable pile; S5, judging whether the monitoring data meets a preset jet condition or not; S6, transmitting a jet signal to the unmanned plane; S7, carrying out the jetting for the monitoring points meeting the preset jet condition according to the jet signal. The method can achieve the real-time monitoring of all parameters of the surface of the inflammable pile effectively, avoids a spontaneous combustion phenomenon through controlling the unmanned plane to carry out the jetting for the dangerous points according to a monitoring result, does not need to carry out the manual operation of the dangerous points, saves the manpower and material resources, and is higher in efficiency and safety.




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