Self-balancing multistage radial centrifugal pump



The invention discloses a self-balancing multistage radial centrifugal pump. The self-balancing multistage radial centrifugal pump comprises a pump spindle, a left bearing body, a left bearing support, a tightening nut, a left pump cover, a suction casing, a left mechanical seal, a tightening bolt, a balance water pipe, an impeller, guide vanes, a middle case, a discharging casing, a right pump cover, a drum disc drum structure, a right mechanical seal, a right bearing support, a right bearing body, an elastic gasket, a first balancing drum, a balancing disc and a second balancing drum. The drum disc drum structure can provide axial auxiliary supporting, the axial force of a whole centrifugal pump spindle shaft system can be greatly reduced, the stress state of a multistage radial centrifugal pump spindle can be improved, and the service life period of the pump spindle can be prolonged. The impeller and the guide vanes are precisely cast, the suction casing, the discharging casing and the middle casing are machine-shaped through forging machines, hydraulic friction losses are low, the pressure bearing performance is excellent, and the pump efficiency is high. The bearing body is of a thin oil self-lubricating structure, heat generated during operation of a bearing can be effectively cooled, the service life of the bearing can be prolonged, and the safety of the bearing can be improved.




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