Supporting-hanging combined device of down-hole reloading chamber and construction method of supporting-hanging combined device



The invention discloses a supporting-hanging combined device of a down-hole reloading chamber. The supporting-hanging combined device of the down-hole reloading chamber comprises a frame structure, wherein the frame structure is installed and constructed on the two sides and at the top of the reloading chamber. Crane main beams are installed on the two sides of the frame structure, and crane-walking horizontal travelling mechanisms, up-down lifting mechanisms and crane-walking operating rooms are installed on the crane main beams in sequence; the frame structure is composed of combined supports arranged continuously; and every two combined supports are mutually connected through a steel-made connecting rod piece, and thus all the combined supports form the whole frame structure. According to the supporting-hanging combined device of the down-hole reloading chamber, chamber retaining and protecting and a deployed shipping crane-walking system are integrated, the deployed shipping crane-walking system is directly installed on the frame structure, and the frame structure plays the roles of retaining and protecting the chamber and supporting a guide-track groove of the deployed shipping crane-walking system; a mode of pouring of concrete is not adopted any more to build a concrete column of the guide-track groove independently, as long as an assembly is machined on a well and assembled in the down-hole chamber; and the construction and the installation are convenient, the structure is simple, and the cost is reduced greatly.




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