Aluminum alloy base solid lubrication composite material and preparation method thereof



本发明公开了一种铝合金基固体润滑复合材料及其制备方法。该材料由75~95 wt%的耐热铝合金和5~25 wt%的铜包石墨组成;耐热铝合金的组成为:8.4~8.9 wt% Fe,1.1~1.5 wt% V,1.7~1.9 wt% Si,余量为Al;铜包石墨的组成为:50 wt% Cu和50 wt% C。固体润滑复合材料具有密度低、摩擦系数低、磨损率低等特点,而且制备工艺简单、可控性好,该材料适合在室温到350℃下使用,作为固体润滑材料在航空航天和汽车制造领域具有重要的应用前景。
The invention discloses an aluminum alloy base solid lubrication composite material and a preparation method thereof. The material consists of 75-95 wt% of heat resisting aluminum alloy and 5-25 wt% of copper-clad graphite; the heat resisting aluminum alloy consists of 8.4-8.9 wt% of Fe, 1.1-1.5 wt% of V, 1.7-1.9 wt% of Si and the balance of Al; and the copper-clad graphite consists of 50 wt% of Cu and 50 wt% of C. The solid lubrication composite material has such characteristics as low density, low friction coefficient and low wear rate; the preparation method is simple and excellent in controllability; the material is suitable for use from room temperature to below 350 DEG C; and the material, as the solid lubrication material, is important in application prospect in the fields of aerospace and vehicle manufacturing.




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