Shaft heat treatment fixture



The invention relates to the technical field of heat treatment of rings, and particularly discloses a shaft heat treatment fixture. The shaft heat treatment fixture comprises two clamping jaws oppositely arranged; the clamping jaws are arched; hydraulic cylinders are respectively connected between the end parts of the two clamping jaws; the hydraulic cylinders comprise cylinder bodies arranged in one clamping jaw, and piston rods matched in the cylinder bodies; the end parts of the piston rods are connected with the end part of the other clamping jaw; the cylinder bodies are respectively connected with one-way valves and overflow valves for controlling oil ways; and a driving mechanism for driving external expansion clamping of the clamping jaws is connected between the two clamping jaws. The shaft heat treatment fixture has the following beneficial effects: the heated deformation margin of bearing rings is fed through the oil pressure expansion principle in the hydraulic cylinders to realize secondary clamping in the heat treatment process; and the problem of loose clamping caused by high-temperature deformation of the bearing rings in the prior art is solved.




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