Logistics delivering system and delivering method



The invention discloses a logistics delivering system and a delivering method. The logistics delivering system comprises a logistics vehicle and express cabinets which are in butt joint for delivering packets. Multiple layers of conveying belts are arranged in the logistics vehicle from top to bottom, and multiple longitudinal conveying belts used for temporarily storing packets and transverse conveying belts connected with the longitudinal conveying belts so as to transfer the packets are arranged in each layer side by side. The rear side of the interior of a cabinet body of the express cabinet is a conveying channel, and multiple conveying belts are sequentially arranged in the conveying channel from top to bottom. Each conveying belt corresponds to one row of unit cabinets, and the side edges of the conveying belts correspond to the opening portions of the rear sides of the corresponding rows of unit cabinets. The transverse conveying belts of all the layers of the logistics vehicle are in one-to-one butt joint with the conveying belts of all the layers in the express cabinets when the logistics vehicle deliveries the packets towards the express cabinets. Position identification monitoring is conducted on the packets from sorting on a cargo allocation station to distribution to all the express cabinets from a logistics city, and the packets can be directly conveyed to the corresponding positions of the reserved express cabinets through the designated conveying belts; and the delivery efficiency and the automation degree can be improved.




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