Preparation method of high-activity sugarcane anthocyanin



The invention discloses a preparation method of high-activity sugarcane anthocyanin. The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1) extracting squeezed bagasse, airing, crushing, adding distilled water, mixing cellulase, hemicellulase and pectinase to prepare compound enzyme, carrying out sterilization, adding the compound enzyme into reaction liquid, and carrying out leaching, enzyme deactivation, centrifugation and vacuum concentration, so as to obtain a sugarcane anthocyanin crude extracting solution; (2) desalting the crude extracting solution by virtue of a first-section chromatographic column filled with macroporous adsorption resin, carrying out elution by virtue of an extracting agent, and carrying out vacuum concentration, so as to obtain an anthocyanin solution; (3) adjusting the anthocyanin solution with acid, processing the anthocyanin solution by virtue of a second-section chromatographic column filled with dextrangel resin, collecting eluant, and carrying out vacuum concentration, so as to obtain concentrated liquid, namely anthocyanin purified liquid; and (4) carrying out freeze drying, so as to obtain purified anthocyanin. According to the preparation method, anthocyanin is extracted from the raw material of sugarcane skin or bagasse, and the waste obtained after sugar production is turned into wealth, so that the utilization rate of sugarcanes is increased, the production chain of the sugarcanes is prolonged, and the added value of the sugarcanes is greatly increased.




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