Control cable used for nuclear power station



本发明公开了一种用于核电站的控制电缆,包括:缆芯和包覆在缆芯外侧的外护套,外护套的原料按重量份包括:主料130~150份,过氧化二苯甲酰0.3~0.6份,1,1,3,3‑四甲基过氧苯氧基乙酸丁酯1~2份,1,1‑双‑(叔丁基过氧)环己烷0.5~0.8份,促进剂TMTD 1~2份,三聚氰胺聚磷酸盐8~16份,微胶囊红磷20~30份,氰尿酸三聚氰胺盐15~25份,双氰胺10~20份,草炭烟梗复合物50~70份,硅烷偶联剂4~8份,润滑剂3~5份,抗氧剂2~4份。本发明耐腐蚀及耐老化性能好,而且耐磨性能优异,耐高温性能好,机械强度大,使用寿命长。
The invention discloses a control cable used for a nuclear power station. The control cable comprises a cable core and an outer sheath which wraps the outer side of the cable core, wherein the outer sheath is prepared form, by weight, 130-150 parts of main ingredients, 0.3-0.6 part of dibenzoyl peroxide, 1-2 parts of 1,1,3,3-tetramethyl benzene peroxide oxygroup butyl acetate, 0.5-0.8 part of 1,1-double-(tert-butyl peroxide) cyclohexane, 1-2 parts of accelerant TMTD, 8-16 parts of melamine pyrophosphate, 20-30 parts of microencapsulated red phosphorus, 15-25 parts of melamine cyanurate acid, 10-20 parts of cyanoguanidine, 50-70 parts of grass carbon tobacco stem compounds, 4-8 parts of silane coupling agents, 3-5 parts of lubricant and 2-4 parts of antioxidant. The control cable is good in corrosion resistance property, aging resistance property, wear resistance property and high temperature resistance property, high in mechanical strength, and long in service life.




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