Garbage can with inner cylinder sliding out from top



The invention discloses a garbage can with an inner cylinder sliding out from the top. The garbage can comprises an outer cylinder, the inner cylinder and a limit locking device; the outer cylinder is a cylinder provided with a cylindrical placing groove on the upper end surface; the inner cylinder is inserted in the placing groove of the outer cylinder from top to bottom; an annular avoiding groove is formed in the top of the side wall of the placing groove; an annular limiting ring matched with the avoiding groove is formed at the top of the outer cylindrical surface of the inner cylinder; the limit locking device includes multiple limit locking units; and the multiple limit locking units are arranged at the upper part of the side wall of the placing groove, and are uniformly distributed at the periphery. The garbage can is simple in structure and convenient to operate; a garbage bag is placed in the inner cylinder; when garbage needs to be poured, the garbage can is totally lifted to a public garbage can, the whole garbage can is overturned to enable a top opening downwards, and the inner cylinder slides out from the garbage can, so that the condition of accidental flowing out of the garbage caused by such factors as damage of the garbage bag in the garbage conveying project is prevented; and meanwhile, the inner cylinder is taken out for independent cleaning.




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