Walking-on-hands training device



The invention relates to a walking-on-hands training device. The training device comprises a bracket (1), wherein two guide rails (2), which are arranged in a parallel mode, are connected to the bracket (1); a pull rope (4) is connected to each guide rail (2) by virtue of a sliding block (3); a supporting pole (5) is connected between the two pull ropes (4); a transverse beam (8) is connected between the two sliding blocks (3); protective devices (10) are connected to both sides of the transverse beam (8) by virtue of fixed rods (9); and the supporting pole (5) is arranged between the two protective devices (10). The training device provided by the invention has the advantages that legs of a trained object rest on the supporting pole when the training device is used; the training device can adapt to users differing in height and can control slinging force of the legs since the pull ropes are elastic ropes; by virtue of the protective devices at two sides of the supporting pole, the trained object is protected, so that the body of the trained object is kept under a vertical inverted state; and by connecting a protective rope between the two protective devices, the trained object is effectively protected from getting injured in the case of falling over due to fatigue.




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