Device for comprehensively determining hazard extent of pesticide for pollinating bees and determination method



The invention belongs to the field of evaluation of harmful risks of bees, and particularly relates to a device for comprehensively determining a hazard extent of a pesticide for pollinating bees and a determination method. The device comprises a first box body and a second box body which are arranged indoors and are communicated by a passage; the bottom surface of the first box body is a gauze element; a paper piece and a food source are respectively arranged both inside and outside the gauze element; the paper piece is provided with a notch. The method comprises the following steps of: S1, spreading pollen on the paper piece, and spraying the pesticide to the paper piece and the food source; S2, communicating the second box body with one end of the passage, and blocking the other end of the passage by a cork; S3,placing the pollinating bees into the second box body, removing the cork, and communicating the other end of the passage with the first box body; S4, recording a death condition of the pollinating bees at regular time, and calculating the risk of the pesticide for survival of the pollinating bees by utilizing a survival risk analysis model. The device and the method well simulate a mode that the pollinating bees contact the pesticide in nature, and scientifically, systemically, reasonably and comprehensively evaluate the hazard of the pesticide for the pollinating bees.




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