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US-2473345-A: Rail anchor patent, US-2482411-A: Micrometric calipers patent, US-2493083-A: Collapsible bed, crib, and the like patent, US-2494118-A: Control for tiltable mixing drums patent, US-2496083-A: Aircraft control patent, US-2498084-A: Interpolymers of fumaric esters and a chlorinated alkene patent, US-2500537-A: Movably mounted auxiliary vanes for rotating combustion chamber patent, US-2502138-A: Lawn mower load carrier attachment patent, US-2502515-A: Tire pressure indicator patent, US-2502628-A: Permeameter patent, US-2503133-A: Piston ring patent, US-2508913-A: Device for mechanically turning pages of books patent, US-2517896-A: Stand attachment for musical instruments patent, US-2525875-A: Apparatus for thermochemically cutting metal patent, US-2531190-A: Emulsifier consisting of alkylolamine-fatty acid condensation products and esters ofpolyglycols patent, US-2533555-A: Weighted drill for cutting postholes in rock patent, US-2534369-A: Cathode-ray tube selector system patent, US-2549564-A: Process for finishing nylon fabric articles patent, US-2561416-A: Selvage forming mechanism patent, US-2575234-A: Dehumidifier patent, US-2578575-A: Electrical alternating current generation patent, US-2592656-A: Piston and valve assembly for hydraulic control devices patent, US-2595790-A: Art and apparatus for pleating drapes patent, US-2603199-A: Carburetor deicer patent, US-2605793-A: Double-acting wood wool machine patent, US-2608699-A: Tapping machine patent, US-2618206-A: Suction box cover patent, US-2627798-A: Clamp for vibrating shank plows patent, US-2631179-A: Insulation for thermocouple head and arm patent, US-2638594-A: Garment patent, US-2640087-A: Manufacture of latex foam sponge patent, US-2641125-A: Cylinder lock with key-way obstructing means patent, US-2641494-A: Gate latch patent, US-2650678-A: Check-out device patent, US-2677320-A: Developing head for phtolithographic plate treating machines patent, US-2680852-A: Hosiery construction patent, US-2684548-A: Imitation christmas tree patent, US-2689907-A: Handbag illuminator patent, US-2690584-A: Ball caster patent, US-2693303-A: Garment hanger patent, US-2693360-A: Textile covered ball and method of making same patent, US-2698068-A: Vehicle dive arrester patent, US-2700845-A: Toy bubble gun patent, US-2700889-A: Ball inspection gauge patent, US-2705001-A: Valve mechanism for internal combustion engines patent, US-2708025-A: Spectacle cases and method of making same patent, US-2723911-A: Method of separating aluminum from impurities patent, US-2730042-A: Stencil duplicating machines patent, US-2737226-A: Tire tread rebuilding machine patent, US-2738833-A: Adjustable reclining chair patent, US-2742887-A: Rope starter mechanism patent, US-2747353-A: Automatic packing apparatus for glass sheets patent, US-2749550-A: Abdominal support patent, US-2751706-A: Child's construction toy patent, US-2760755-A: Automobile walker patent, US-2768596-A: Fixture for supporting and cooling articles during brazing patent, US-2774822-A: Communication system patent, US-2781509-A: Side-lobe rejection circuit for pulse radar system patent, US-2783099-A: Gas solid separation in a pneumatic lift patent, US-2783564-A: Display device patent, US-2785221-A: Color television receiver patent, US-2797792-A: Bag handling apparatus patent, US-2800215-A: Method and means for cleaning type patent, US-2805441-A: Flexible door stop patent, US-2817787-A: Cathode-ray-tube sweeps patent, US-2823704-A: Weft compressing motion for circular looms patent, US-2835176-A: Carrying case for photographic apparatus patent, US-2853982-A: Free piston engine patent, US-2855954-A: Gas valves patent, US-2862994-A: Electrical connector patent, US-2872962-A: Shock cushioning wheel patent, US-2873676-A: Multiple shaped charge assembly patent, US-2882725-A: Flowmeter structure patent, US-2887975-A: Floating prefabricated boat house patent, US-2899755-A: Hhsltiltihh patent, US-2901386-A: Method of heat treating cast iron patent, US-2912974-A: Smoke-generating apparatus patent, US-2932039-A: Play pen or yard patent, US-2943402-A: Turbo compressor tachometer simulator patent, US-2953626-A: Electrical system patent, US-2956590-A: Check for picker stick of looms patent, US-2957527-A: Hydraulic booster control patent, US-2963188-A: Insulated dual container patent, US-2973889-A: Baby holder patent, US-2986414-A: Shaft seal patent, US-2993069-A: Production of benzoylpimelates patent, US-2998592-A: Method and apparatus for multi-channel seismographic recording patent, US-3000164-A: Combined corn picking and stalk severing device patent, US-3008748-A: Suction pick-up head patent, US-3013105-A: Covered cord holder attachment for electrical outlets patent, US-3015530-A: Mechanic's tray arrangement patent, US-3018956-A: Computing apparatus patent, US-3023902-A: Automatic discharge for magnetic medium separators patent, US-3030069-A: High pressure butterfly valve patent, US-3032908-A: Fish landing net patent, US-3043306-A: Body waste receptor appliance patent, US-3057656-A: Automobile top mounting and actuating means patent, US-3058163-A: Method for reshaping a dipped candle patent, US-3065051-A: Process for the recovery of cryolite from waste gases and from the carbon bottom of an aluminum electrolytic furnace patent, US-3067985-A: Picket fence patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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